Have you seen the Wrinkly Billboards?

What do you see when you walk past an older person in the street? Do you even notice them? Do you just see the wrinkles or do you consider the person underneath them?

Every person holds value, especially older people because they have within them a lifetime's worth of experience and wisdom.

Next time you notice one of our Wrinkly Billboards, think about how it was effective at its job even though it carried a few more creases then the rest. See the person, not the age.

Your comments

"My parents, both in their 70s, are not at all wrinkly! The term is rather offensive, and you should consider not using it."

Mrs A Quinn, Glasgow

"I find the term wrinkly to be offensive."

Mrs Jim May, Edinburgh

" Looks fantastic really good."

Mrs gillian godsell, edinburgh

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